find the best seo companies by asking the right questions!If you are looking to hire a company for search engine optimization on your website, you are going to want to ask them a couple of questions before getting a proposal.

Even if you have zero SEO experience, here is a set of questions you can ask. Get a feel for the company and its processes, if they do not work for you maybe its a good idea to keep looking.

In our experience, asking the following questions will get down to the nuts and bolts before committing too much time with the wrong SEO company.

  • Can you show me examples of previous work that includes results (and what was done to get them)
  • Have you worked with clients in my industry before?
  • How many people will be working on my account regularly?
  • How often will your team be in communication with mine? 
  • Does your team participate in Gray/black hat Techniques? such as buying links or blog networks 
  • Where do you provide analytics and tracking for the results of your work? (past work, stats of traffic/sales, & future projects)
  • How many accounts will my dedicated team be working on, that is not mine?

This conversation should be done over the phone or even better in person; take notes too.

SEO can be one of the most profitable investments that you make into your business, once the long-term dividends kick in. Every campaign takes 3 to 6 months on average to supply traffic, a year for anything significant.

When you are hiring a new SEO company take your time through the interview process to avoid all the new technology packages and slang words.

Creative services never come cheap for qualified professionals, expect to pay at least $2,000/mo for a basic SEO package from reputable companies that are doing the proper legwork to build your brand for long-term success, not outsourcing overseas to make a quick buck.

Ask Who, What, Where, When, & Why.

Ask all the questions you need to understand how their company is going to grow your business. If there’s a communication barrier, maybe you’re not a good fit, that’s okay.

Here at Built With SEO, we would love a chance to earn your business! Fill out a website growth questionnaire to give us a better idea of where to begin before our call.



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